Types of rubber seals--To understand the way the latest product information

Types of rubber seals

Release time:2013-12-24

Rubber seals are sealing device in a class common infrastructure components.
In this role leaks and seal contradiction plays very important. Leakage and sealing problems to solve in the course of human conquest of nature.
Has been promoting technological progress, an important way to prevent and reduce environmental pollution. Seals are widely used in sealing technology a rubber article.
Because the purpose of the rubber elastic polymer having a precious material, a wide range of temperatures, given in different media will have a greater smaller deformation stress, such deformation can provide contact pressure compensating leakage gap, to seal the .

The main products now include rubber seals, rubber gaskets, flange gaskets, rubber damping blocks, rubber O-ring, V-ring, X-ring, Y-ring, and other various forms, sizes, colors, hardness and materials, rubber products, rubber seal products though we started slow, but with social progress, the emergence of new seal production equipment and technology, and the technical requirements of increasingly demanding sealing products, thus further promoting the development of new products and development.