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Product Contents

Professional production of various types of rubber seal, the main products are:Automotive wiring harness jacket series,Car door light switch Jacket Series,Battery Jacket Series……


Automotive wiring harne...

Car door light switch J...

Battery Jacket Series

Rocker Switch Jacket Se...

Waterproof ring series

Waterproof plugging Ser...

Waterproof pad series

Waterproof tie the series

Car pedal pad series

Other series

Seals series


Understanding Sandao the latest business information, industry information, product updates and......

  • The main quality performance sealing tape

    Reactor sealing tape sealing...

  • Optional hydraulic rubber seals

    In the purchase of repair of...

  • Types of rubber, characteristics and uses

    Rubber can be divided into n...

  • Types of rubber seals

    Rubber seals are sealing dev...

  • A seal to prevent fluid applications

    Seal to prevent fluid or sol...

  • Automotive rubber seal applications

    Glass installation is not ce...


Product recommendationKey word:Auto rubber seal  Seals series

  • XSHT-001 XSHT-001
  • XSHT-003 XSHT-003
  • MDKG-001 MDKG-001
  • MDKG-002 MDKG-002
  • FSQ-001 FSQ-001
  • FSQ-005 FSQ-005
  • FSD-012 FSD-012
  • FSD-017 FSD-017
  • FSDD-001 FSDD-001
  • 赛马踏板垫TBD-001 赛马踏板垫TBD-001
  • QT-002 QT-002
  • QT-009 QT-009
  • 梅花护套QT-019 梅花护套QT-019
  • MFQ-001 MFQ-001
  • MFQ-006 MFQ-006
  • FSD-048 FSD-048
  • FSQ-032 FSQ-032
  • FSQ-033 FSQ-033
  • FSQ-034 FSQ-034
  • FSD-021 FSD-021